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Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen is a prestigious linen manufacture based in Ireland. Widely regarded as the finest variety, Irish Linen has a rich heritage that is intertwined with Fergusons own history; with Thomas Fergusons being the only remaining Irish Linen Damask Weaver still remaining in Ireland weaving traditional Irish Damask Table Linen. Established by Thomas Ferguson in 1854 the company has a culture of quality and has never lost sight of what makes them special; skilled weavers, leading technology and fine raw materials. It is this dedication to quality that has earned them a reputation as finest producers of Irish Linen in the world.


Fergusons Irish Linen

Tomary House Limited, Registration No: NI070558
Address: 43 Mill St, Gilford, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT63 6HQ, Tel: 020 3286 2095 E-mail: info@tomaryhouse.com