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Linen is well known for its temperature regulating properties, thus making it the ideal choice for bedding. In hot weather it absorbs moisture and excess heat, whilst in colder weather it retains body heat. Over time linen becomes softer and more comfortable, with these factors combined it is little wonder that linen is considered by many to be the healthiest choice for sleeping material.

Our luxury bed linens are high quality 100% Irish Linen, ranging from the more affordable Superior Range to the complete lavishness of the Premier Deluxe Collection. All collections are available in White Linen, including linen pillowcases , linen sheets and linen duvet covers with either Hemstitching or 2 Row Cord Hems in sizes Single to Super King. Our pillowcases are available in either Housewife or Oxford styles. Oxford style pillowcases have a plain loose border, and are generally used for top pillows, while the simpler Housewife pillowcase is more often used for the bottom pillow. The premier Range is also available in Natural.

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Luxury Bedding

  • Superior Range North American

    There is nothing quite like the freshness of Irish Linen Bedding. Often described as the most luxurious bedding fabric there is, once you have experienced sleeping in fine linen , nothing else will compare. On top of this linen sheets are likely to last a lifetime of normal domestic use.Available in our luxury collection are the superior range and the premier range. view collection

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