Why choose Irish Linen?

Our Irish Linen is of the highest quality and is manufactured by one of the finest linen Jacquard weavers in the world. Their reputation for quality is the result of generations of dedication and skill, and over 150 years experience in weaving Irish Linen. Combining this experience with fine, high quality yarns and modern looms, results in a fine and soft damask linen which is strong enough to last a lifetime of normal domestic use.


We believe our products are affordable without compromising the exceptional quality of our linen.

Tomary House Irish Linen comes complete with the world renowned Irish Linen Brand, which has been established over generations, is extremely prestigious and quality is assured.


Tomary House Irish Linen is a natural, sustainable product which is completely biodegradable and there are no waste materials as a result of its processing.


Tomary House Irish Linen damask falls beautifully and will complement any dining room. Due to it’s strength, with normal domestic use, it may be handed down to future generations. Irish Linen is easy to care for as it releases stains easily and has the added benefit of increasing in strength when wet, so can withstand repeated laundering eliminating the need to save for best.


We are pleased to offer custom sizes in many of our collections. For further information or to order a custom size, please  contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Please note that custom items are not returnable unless defective, and as they are often designed, woven, finished and made up from scratch they can take 12-14 weeks to complete. Custom sizes that are made up from standard fabric will take only a few weeks.


Linen is well known for its temperature regulating properties, thus making it the ideal choice for bedding. In hot weather it absorbs moisture and excess heat, whilst in colder weather it retains body heat. Over time linen becomes softer and more comfortable, with these factors combined it is little wonder that linen is considered by many to be the healthiest choice for sleeping material.


Linen is a breathable material that can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture while still being dry to the touch. It does not provoke allergies, is anti-static and has a natural pH balance, making it a truly healthy product. Linen does not lint, making it an ideal choice for drying dishes and glasses. Linen guest towels add a touch of luxury and performance to the bathroom.

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